Everyone Thinks It’s a Great Idea…


In our experience, we have found that many people know they need a break – a short- or long-term renewal or formational leave, a “full sabbatical,”even a change of career (?!) – but they don’t do it.  I hear time and time again, “I only took <put in a small number here> days of my three weeks of vacation last year!”  It’s almost like they are proud of it.  Others admit their need, but mostly mumble when you ask them why they haven’t taken some time off.  Finally, and perhaps most importantly, I encounter people who tell me in various ways that they need time to think, to be alone with God, to pray, to stop.  And they almost immediately interrupt themselves with their next breath, telling me all they have to do today.

We have all kinds of ideas as to why this might be, but we’d like to hear from you.

WHY?  Why do you think people who are in definite need of time away don’t take it? Especially when it’s available to them in their church policy (like United Methodists) and as advice in Scripture (for example, Psalm 46:10)!

Please let us know what you think!